Issue 19 • Fall 2011


Issue 19: Fall 2011

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The Queen Hates Bickering

Rob MeredithAfter many years of planning funerals for families of all races, incomes and ethnicity, I'm always amazed at the level of procrastination they all seem to have. The one group whose procrastination has always caused the most confusion for me has been the wealthy. Every time I would sit down with a family for whom money was no issue, they would immediately inform me they did not want to prearrange. Their reason was always; "There will be plenty of money to bury us." This reminds me of an old saying; "You don't know what you don't know". I'm sure these wealthy families did not acquire their fortunes by making irresponsible decisions, just the opposite. Usually these individuals are well educated and worldlier. With that being said, I'm still surprised by their answer about prearranging. Financially it makes sense because you're buying something at today's prices that you won't actually need for 15 or 20 years. In itself, that should be enough to convince someone to prearrange. But even in those cases where money isn't the issue, the biggest reason that seems to be overlooked many times, is the benefit to their family. By having your arrangements put together ahead of time, it relieves the family of all the stresses and confusion of guessing what you would have wanted. This isn't a sales line, this is the cold, hard truth, and money has nothing to do with it. I can prove my point quite easily.


When Princess Diana was tragically killed in an auto accident at such a young age, the family was not prepared. They had all the money you could ever need to provide a beautiful funeral, but it's what they didn't have, that caused the problems. Princess Diana had not left any instructions in the event of her passing. Every decision was to be left to the Family. Like most families there were differing opinions on what should be done to remember her. This caused arguments over her clothing, what music would be played, who would be invited and many other decisions. Money couldn't help this family in their time of need. But, it's what happened after her funeral that really amazed me.

Queen Elizabeth witnessed the struggles her family went through during this tragedy. As the elder of Feature Article by Guest Contributor Rob Meredith, Vice-President PRECOA Funeral Planning her family and also a Grandma of Prince William and Prince Harry, she realized the royal family needn't have gone through the difficulty of this experience. After Diana's passing, the Queen made a royal decree. She told every member of the royal family that they had six weeks to record their wishes or they would be cut off from the royal money. She vowed they would never go through this again. I am so impressed to see a Grandma step up and take charge like that. Maybe it's time for someone in your family to help the ones that don't know what they don't know.

HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED? If you're thinking about preplanning or just want to ask a few questions, please call us at 727-822-2059. We would be happy to assist you.