Issue 19 • Fall 2011


Issue 19: Fall 2011

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When it comes to cremation, you now have a choice.


Flameless Cremation Is Now A Reality

Anderson-McQueen introduces Bio-Cremation

Anderson-McQueen Funeral & Cremation Centers has a long-standing tradition of offering families all available options - whether for burial or cremation. "We are pleased to be the first funeral home in the world to offer Bio-Cremation services on a commercial basis to our families," stated John McQueen. "By providing families with all possible options and educating them on what is available, they can make better informed decisions on what is most important to them when dealing with end of life issues."

Today, more than ever, many families are trying to lead a lifestyle that is harmonious with Mother Nature. Many are concerned about the environmental impact they will leave behind for the next generation. Therefore, in addition to our existing flame cremation offerings, we are pleased to introduce this new earth-friendly alternative.

Bio-cremation chamberBio-Cremation uses less fossil fuel; has no harmful air emissions; is a gentler process on the decedent; and provides a safer process for crematory personnel. Through the use of a water-based, chemical solution, Bio-Cremation reduces the body to bone and bone fragment (just like flame cremation) at temperatures significantly lower than flame cremation in approximately the same amount of time (2-3 hours). Using a combination of approximately 95% water and 5% Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), an alkaline solution -not an acid as is commonly mistaken -as well as heat and pressure, the Bio-Cremation chamber does in hours what Mother Nature does in months or years in the case of burial.

Once completed, the water-based solution which is sterile and contains no DNA or other identifiable human matter is safely discharged into the waste water system in compliance with all governmental regulations. The remaining bone and bone fragment, which is also sterile, is then dried and further processed into the smaller particles known as cremated remains and place in the appropriate urn selected by the family. At this point, families may choose to take the urn home; bury or place it in a niche at a cemetery; or scatter in the Gulf of Mexico or other favorite location.

Although this process is new to the funeral industry, Alkaline Hydrolysis is actually not new at all. It has already been in use for years with other well-known and trusted institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic & the University of Florida Anatomical Board. What brought about the world-wide media attention to Anderson-McQueen and BioCremation is that this is the first commercial application. Of course, like all firsts, they don't last forever as there are already several other units coming online in the weeks and months ahead.

We are offering tours and educational seminars featuring both flame & flameless cremation options. Please join us to learn more or simply ask one of our funeral planning professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About BioCremation

Do we get anything back?
Yes, just like our traditional flame cremation, you will receive an urn containing your loved one’s cremated remains.

What is the chemical used?
The chemical is Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) which is a strong base - it is not an acid.

Is it a safe chemical?
Yes, Potassium Hydroxide is found in many items around your home including various women’s make-up, dishwashing detergent, shaving creams, and other items.

What makes this a greener option?
BioCremation uses 1/7 the amount of energy and natural gas in comparison to traditional flame cremation. It also releases no mercury emissions into the atmosphere as is common in flame cremation.

What about the solution after the cremation is complete?
The effluent is a sterile solution and contains no human DNA or other identifiable materials. It is safely discharged into waste water system and is below the acceptable limits for alkalinity.

Can we still have a viewing and funeral?
Most definitely. BioCremation, like flame cremation, does not inhibit the viewing or visitation nor does it prohibit a funeral in anyway.

Green Cremation