Issue 15 • Fall 2010
Crossings - Winter 2010

Issue 15: Fall 2010

Tissue Transplant Allows Recipient a Proper Proposal

Good Mourning with Carole McLeod: Bringing Healing to Your Grief With Christmas Memories

Back to School Blues

Reserve Your Ornaments For Tree of Memories

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The purpose of this
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funeral services and grief
support issues.

Please accept our sincerest
apologies if this has reached
a home where there is illness
or sorrow.

Tissue Transplant Allows Recipient a Proper Proposal

In 2002 when Russ Stoneking was 25, he fell from a sixth floor balcony. “I hit my head on the fourth story balcony and landed in the lobby on polished marble.” His heart stopped beating for one minute and 23 seconds. He broke 74 bones and suffered from a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. Russ was in a coma for two weeks. He was given an 80 percent chance of never walking again and told he’d never regain the use of his right arm. “The first thing I thought of is how am I going to make a living now. I had been a home builder since I was 18 and had no secondary education.”

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Bring Healing to Your Grief With Christmas Memories

Christmas and grieving don’t fit together. Christmas is supposed to be joyful, lively, cheery, warm, and filled with family and friends. Grief, on the other hand, is a painful, difficult and often lonely journey that can shake you to your core.

The reality is that when you have lost a loved one, grieving becomes an inseparable part of your Christmas celebration and remembrances. For the first year, the death of your loved one will affect your usual family traditions and celebration in many significant ways.

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Back to School Blues

Has your dog been feeling the “Back to School Blues” since his or her human family members have gone back to school? Does your pooch bark, howl, chew, dig, urinate, become destructive or try to escape when left alone?

Although these problems often indicate that a dog needs to be taught some manners, they can also be symptoms of stress or anxiety. Separation anxiety is triggered when dogs become upset because of separation from their owner or family.

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Reserve Your Ornaments for Tree of Memories

St. Petersburg Funeral reception roomIn keeping with the tradition of caring and service within the community, Anderson-McQueen Family Tribute Centers will host our 16th Annual Tree of Memories as a tribute to those who have passed.

We invite you and your family to place a personalized angel ornament, at no cost to you, on our Tree of Memories. We encourage you to write a message, place a picture or decorate the ornaments. We will have complimentary supplies available on location to assist you with personalization.

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