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Issue 13 • Spring 2010
Crossings - Winter 2010

Issue 13: Spring 2010

A St. Petersburg Legacy - The Masonic Home

Good Mourning with Carole McLeod: The Uniqueness of Grief

The American Cancer Societyís Relay For Life

Be Careful What You Feed Your Pet

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Anderson McQueen. Life. Love. Legacy. We are dedicated to the
art of helping and providing personal and professional services in a caring, sensitive manner.

Since our inception in
1952, we have been a
family-owned and
operated funeral home
serving our community.

Northeast St. Petersburg
2201 Dr. Martin Luther King
Street North

7820 38th Avenue North

Cremation Tribute Center
7820 38th Avenue North

Sunnyside Cemetery
5300 19th Street North


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The purpose of this
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funeral services and grief
support issues.

Please accept our sincerest
apologies if this has reached
a home where there is illness
or sorrow.

A St. Petersburg Legacy - The Masonic Home

William F. McQueenWhen Albert Wallace Gilchrist rallied support from his fellow Masons in 1902 to build a safe haven for children and the elderly, he had no idea the legacy he was creating. He also had no way of knowing how intricately tied it would become with the legacy of Anderson-McQueen.

Located on the shores of Coffee Pot Bayou in St. Petersburg, the Masonic Home opened its doors in 1919. "At first, we cared for both children and the elderly who needed help," explains Diana Butler, Director of Social Services. "It was safe place for children of Free Masons to live and get an education." William Finlayson McQueen, founder of Anderson-McQueen Family Tribute Centers, was one of those children.

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The Uniqueness of Grief

Giving yourself permission to mourn can be very difficult, there is no right or wrong way to grieve - it's YOUR WAY. No one can do it for you; you canít go around it, under it or over it, you must go through it to have a healthy "grief journey." Grief is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Therefore everyone grieves in their own way. The important thing is to mourn at your own pace, taking one small step at a time.

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The American Cancer Societyís Relay For Life

Each year, Anderson-McQueen Family Tribute Centers selects a worthy charity to receive the net proceeds from their annual Tree of Memories event. This year, $2,565 was given to the American Cancer Society in support of Relay for Life.

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Be Careful What You Feed Your Pet

It's well known that chocolate is toxic to our furry animal companions and that chicken bones can splinter and/or get stuck in a pet's throat causing the animal to choke. But there are many other things that our dogs and cats shouldn't eat which might be surprising.

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Remembering Marine Corporal Jonathan Porto

It was our deepest honor to serve the family of Marine Corporal Jonathan Porto who was killed in Afghanistan on March 14th. Hundreds of Tampa Bay residents lined the procession route from MacDill Air Force Base to our Northeast St. Petersburg Tribute Center.

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Anderson-McQueen Family Tribute Centers
2201 Dr. Martin Luther King St. N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33703
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